Component Certification program aims to thwart use of noncompliant mold components and systems

2017-07-20 14:34:10 admin 5

Counterfeit mold components and systems from foreign manufacturers, especially those in China, that are not in compliance with industry standards and specifications have long been a problem. Progressive Components, a production mold component developer and distributor in Wauconda, IL, has a solution. Its new Component Certification program is said to offer visibility of supplier component purchases and verification of mold specification compliance.

When a new tool program begins, component specifications are identified and expected to be followed, said Progressive Components. Unfortunately, mold buyers frequently do not receive the mold components that were specified. From sub-par, locally sourced components to look-alike counterfeit products, the outcome is part failure, resulting in mold damage and downtime.

The Component Certification program provides mold buyers with a unique ID that is incorporated into every bill of material (BOM) and is subsequently required to be included with each order along with the tool ID.

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With the mold buyer ID and tool ID documented, a detailed report that identifies BOMs ordered by all suppliers is sent to the mold buyer each month. This report provides verification that the number of molds issued to each supplier matches the number of BOMs, and includes a complete listing of parts ordered.

Benefits of the Component Certification program include a reduction in mold damage and downtime caused by inferior mold components and confirmation that suppliers are complying with established mold specifications. A monthly simplified report that provides information at a glance is included.

“We’ve had customers come to us that buy hundreds of molds per year in China, but have no way to be sure they are getting the components they have specified in their BOMs,” stated Peter Friddle, Vice President at Progressive Components. “As a solutions provider, we were determined to create a program that would assist mold buyers in verifying their mold specs were being adhered to, as well as provide a simple way to identify gaps and non-compliance.”