The development trend of China's mold industry presents

2017-07-20 14:51:16 admin 32

Mold industry is an important part of China's hardware industry, the five-second period is the proper response to major changes in the development of our domestic and international environment, accelerate the critical period to achieve the goal of building a moderately prosperous society, but also the critical period of healthy development of China's mold industry, domestic and foreign Although many environmental uncertainties, but China's economic development is still in the period of rapid growth, China's mold comparative advantage in the international market still exists mold, mold domestic market is also expected to continue to be optimistic, showing the development of the mold industry trend.

Precision molds will be higher. 10 years ago, the accuracy, precision molds generally 5 microns, and now has reached the 2-3 micron, 1 micron precision die soon will be available. This requires super-finishing. Mold industry will increasingly large. This is due to the increasingly large part of molding and high production efficiency requirements and the development of a multi-cavity mold caused. Multifunctional composite mold mold industry will be further developed. In addition to the new multi-functional complex mold stamping parts, also responsible for layers, tapping, riveting and assembly tasks such as locking, the performance requirements of steel are also increasing.

As the economy continues to develop, people's living standards continue to improve, spiritual and material culture of the increasingly high demand, this demand has also led to the development of domestic industry and innovation, industry demand for increasing household hardware, home Hardware industry showing a different variation.

Fusion of form and function: furniture hardware into decorative and functional hardware hardware into two categories. Many furniture hardware manufacturer invisible to both separated, decorative hardware does not focus on the functional development, lack of functional study of its decorative hardware development, disconnect between the two. With sliding door fittings, for example, over the years the function, structure in the ever-improving, but do not pay attention to their decorative unity, although many products useful, but it looks like a total dislike. In recent years, with the increase of the level of innovative design, many designers focus on furniture, hardware, industrial design concepts to examine furniture hardware, so that the appearance and functionality of furniture hardware better integration is the development trend of furniture hardware.