YouKing Mold Manufacturing Standard

2017-07-20 14:26:48 admin 47

1.Mold supplier should use standard base(such as LKM) or similar quality base, The material of the mold base can be used 45# steel, (45# imported steel from Japan), P20 and so on, and mold supplier should ensure the enough strength.  

2.Core and cavity azimuth need be in accord with mold base, supplier should  guarantee the mold drawing is accordance with actual mold.

3.Core and cavity need be marked with used material and its hardness, each mold need have its own BOM. When transfer mold, suppliers need provide detailed 2D and 3D drawings, and injection parameters. If hot runner system included, supplier also need attach relevant drawings and introductions.

4.Cooling system should be marked IN and OUT accordingly to its cooling liquid inlet and outlet, connection standard is that M12 water nozzle matches 10mm water pipe. water nozzle from two sides of mold need be outside, from up and down sides need be inside. 

5.Location ring should be unified as diameter 100mm.

6.Holes of ejectors of mold base should be φ35mm, ejectors are φ30mm. Molds which are used in below 150T machine need have 3 ejector holes, and these holes are arrayed vertically, if else, molds need have 5 ejector holes arrayed like five-pointed stars.

7.Counting device should be installed beside parting line. Molds with slides and lifts should have return mechanism and enforce return pins.

8.Each plates of mold should be manufactured with eyebolt hole, and marked its diameter dimension.

9.All mold cores need have inserts, push blocks and located blocks. 

10.Each mold should have its ID.

11.Mold with hot runner system should have thermal baffle installed on top to prevent from being heated.